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Do you think all chiropractors are the same? You may believe this is true until you experience the difference with a Gonstead chiropractor. The Gonstead System of chiropractic was developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead from 1923-1978 in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. During those 55 years, Dr. Gonstead spent 16½ hours per day, 6½ days per week seeing hundreds of patients. He became world renowned for his system of chiropractic. Read more about this amazing chiropractor at

It was all too common for him to work from early morning through the night, stretching into the late night hours until 2:30am, as he wouldn’t sleep until all of his patients were cared for that day. His defining difference was his very specific and thorough analysis, ensuring his adjustment was the correction the patient’s body needed to achieve maximum health. After years of amazing results, Dr. Gonstead became world renowned for his system of chiropractic, and other chiropractors were knocking down his door, begging him to teach his technique so they could obtain the same results for their patients.

Dr. Gonstead agreed to make the time to teach his technique to others who were willing to learn. Dr. Gonstead’s technique soon became known as the “Gold Standard” of chiropractic. The Gonstead system of chiropractic was carried on to the next generation of chiropractors and so on to the next generation. Today, our own Dr. Andy Wright has spent countless hours apprenticing under Gonstead chiropractors to bring the same amazing results to Greenville and the Upstate region. 

What makes the Gonstead system Different?

Going above and beyond regular adjustments, A Gonstead Chiropractor analyzes five criteria to find the causes of your problems. Dr. Andy will formulate a treatment specifically for you using:

  • Instrumentation: A Nervoscope is guided down the center of your back which detects inflammation along the spineto detect inflammation along the spine. There should be even heat patterns on both sides. If there is a spike in the temperature, inflammation and nerve irritation is suspected.

  • Static Palpation: Palpation is simply touching (aka palpating) along your spine to feel for the swelling, edema, tenderness, or skin texture changes. Dr. Andy will also palpate for tightness of the muscles or tissues or your back.

  • Motion Palpation: Dr. Andy will then feel how your spine is moving and how it may deviate from normal movement. He will compare the movements side to side to make sure they are equal.

  • Visualization: Visualization helps us double check all of our findings. Dr. Andy will be observing your posture from head to toe to make sure his findings are accurate. 

  • X-ray Analysis: X-ray allows us to view the exact condition of your spine. Just as a mechanic will look under the hood of a car before working on it, we want to know if there is anything we should avoid before working on your body. This will help us rule out any fractures, pathologies, or any other factors that may change the way we take care of you. X-rays will also let us know how long it will take to correct an issue. We take special x-rays of the full spine, in a weight bearing position.

After the problem is correctly located, Dr. Andy will deliver a gentle, precise Gonstead adjustment to correct the problem.

Dr. Gonstead with Nervoscope

Clarence S. Gonstead, D.C.  1898-1978

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