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Dr. Andy relates, “I was thirteen years old and riding in the front seat next to my mother, when a man rolled a stop sign causing us to plow into the side of his car. There wasn’t much warning to brake at 20mph. But even at that speed it jolted both of us. “Even though she didn’t feel much at the time, the next day my mother was slightly sore and achy in her neck and shoulders. She ignored the pain until several days later it worsened to the point she made an appointment with our local chiropractor. “Sure enough, at 20mph, there was evidence of whiplash on the x-rays. Fortunately, she made a quick recovery once her spine was realigned. I cannot imagine how she would have felt if she had not been adjusted by a qualified chiropractor. “In chiropractic school, we got to watch slow motion videos of people in very low speed accidents (less than 10mph). It was amazing. Every single person had whiplash…at less than 10mph! 

That was unbelievable to me!” Dr. Andy said it became a major concern for him when people would ignore the low speed accidents as no big deal because they didn’t immediately experience symptoms afterwards.  “It may seem strange,” he said, “sometimes it takes days, weeks or months to begin to experience symptoms. Most the time, it is not attributed to the accident.”A chiropractor is skilled in dealing with cases like this, even if you waited 50 years to be examined. However, if you waited that long before seeing a chiropractor, you may have spinal decay, which is permanent damage.Still there is hope. Some of the GreenLife clients who are 90+ years old have finally received relief after seeking help for the first time. Never think you are too old or that you are the exception, even if you think you have seen everyone after an accident.How long will your recovery time be? Dr. Andy explains, “It depends on factors like your condition before the accident; how badly you were affected by the accident, what speed you were traveling when hit, what your health habits are, and your stress levels.”Overall, the sooner you seek help from a chiropractor, the healthier your diet and stress levels are, the quicker you’ll make a recovery.  Don’t wait to have your spine and body checked after an accident. CLICK HERE to find out how we have helped hundreds of people who experienced low back pain.

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