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            Headaches, the ultimate fun-killer. Can you think of any greater fun-killer than a headache?  When I have a headache I feel like doing nothing and zoning out. I don’t want to socialize, eat, have fun, or do work when I am drudging through a headache.  What do you do when you get a headache? A lot of people will pop a few aspirin or ibuprofen and forget about their headache, but does this really solve the problem? Heck, what is the problem in the first place? Most people don’t know that most headaches are caused by misalignments in your spine that are putting great amounts tension on your spinal cord and muscles. Yeah, you read it correctly, spinal misalignments exert an immense amount of tension on your spinal cord, especially at the brain stem region of the spinal cord at the base of your skull. 

               This is a MASSIVELY important area since your brainstem is the region where many of your body’s function “control centers” are located. This is why some people have difficulty regulating their bodily functions when they have damaged their brain stem in an accident. It’s no wonder headaches sap the life out of you, they are not just affecting your head, they are affecting your whole body! Some people have warning signs of oncoming headaches, like sore neck muscles or tightness in their shoulders. These are also warning signs of spinal misalignments. When these symptoms go unaddressed for long enough, they will slowly worsen more and more and then soon enough...you’re left with a killer headache. Not only that, but now you are getting headaches more and more frequently too. These spinal misalignments can be sneaky, because you can’t see them unless you have a proper xray of your spine, and very few doctors knows how to evaluate an xray for spinal misalignments. However, there are a host of symptoms that you can use as an indicator that there are misalignments present, even without an xray. As mentioned early, the #1 indicator is sore and tight muscles. That means the muscles are being stressed and strained from a spinal bone being out of alignment. Imagine having to carry around a heavy weight in your arms everywhere you go. How fatigued would your arm muscles get after lugging that weight around all day? Much more than you would want. This is how it is for your neck muscles when you are walking around with a spinal misalignment all day. Your neck muscles are fighting to hold a comfortable posture but it can’t because the misalignment is jamming up your spine.

           Another symptom of spinal misalignment is that you will have neck pain. If you ignore your muscle tightness long enough, it will progress to full-blown neck pain. Some people experience other symptoms as well, like pinching when they turn their head in a certain direction or a “catch” when they move their neck a certain way. These are all indicators that something is not right. Get it checked out. People also want to know how they misaligned their spine in the first place. Most often it’s a slow and gradual process. Things like poor posture, repetitive motions in sports or at work, sitting at a desk all day, jogging/running, small slips, falls, bumps, and bruises all add up and over time cause misalignments. Then there are the major traumas like car accidents, getting tackled in football, falling off your bicycle learning to ride it, and many more that we could list off all day, but you get the idea. 

            To eliminate and prevent headaches the best way to go about getting rid of them is attacking the root cause…..the spinal misalignment. Chiropractic is the profession that is adept and locating and correcting the spinal misalignments that are causing your suffering. There are several different tests and checks made before locating the exact cause. One of these tools used are xrays which finds the exact degree of misalignment. The xrays also show us how long the misalignment has been there and gives us an idea of how long it will take to correct. This also allows for a precise correction, minimizing the time it takes to correct it. Even if you have suffered from severe headaches for years you can expect symptomatic relief to come shortly after treatment begins. If you or anyone you know is suffering from headaches, know that they are not normal and to have them checked out by a qualified chiropractor. Call us today and get rid of your headaches. If you or anyone you know is suffering from an auto accident injury,  CLICK HERE to learn how we have helped many people get rid of their pain and suffering naturally.

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