Lower Back Pain

Natural Solutions to your pain

“If you have low back pain or sciatic pain, you have a special place in my heart,” says Dr. Andy. “By the time I was 20, I had unrelenting low back issues that radiated down my leg. At its worst, I had burning pain going down the back of my thigh into the side of my calf and to the outside of my foot. It’s a pain I would not wish on anyone.”

Dr. Andy tells us that sciatica commonly occurs when the discs between the low back spinal bones (vertebra) are putting pressure on the nearby nerves. When discs become stressed and strained from misalignment, they swell, creating pressure on the nearby major nerves.

There are several causes of sciatic pain:
*Sitting 6-8 hours a day
*Poor posture
*Repetitive movement
*Improper lifting of objects
*Bending incorrectly
*Just leaning down to pet a cat or dog

Know there is hope. Dr. Andy said, “Hope is not in drugs or surgery, but in conservative methods like chiropractic. Pain medication merely covers up symptoms and allows the spine to heal out of place, leading to a relapse down the road. 

“We have had people visit our office with severe low back pain and/or sciatica and we have watched them improve to the point where they no longer have pain!” 

He explains that a chiropractic adjustment to align the spine is the most powerful thing you can do for sciatica. “I know”, Dr. Andy emphasizes, “I no longer have pain because of chiropractic.”

Even if you have already had spinal surgery, GreenLife Wellness can still help you. “We’ve had many clients come to us after spinal fusions, disc surgeries, or scoliosis surgery, that still have pain and are determined to avoid going back down the surgery route”, says Dr. Andy. “I explain that the underlying cause of the pain wasn’t addressed in surgery, which is the misalignment of the spine.”

He continues to tell us that even though he wishes surgery had not been the first choice, you can still achieve great results through chiropractic. Finding out how you got misaligned initially is one of the key issues that is addressed. Often it is as simple as poor posture or faulty movement patterns.

“So after locating and beginning the correction of your problem, issues will be identified that led to your low back pain and we will correct them. With exercise therapy and massage therapy working together with your chiropractic adjustments, we help strengthen your body to support the corrections made to ensure the problem doesn’t return.

“I myself have been through this process. That is why it’s my mission to help save people from needless pain medication that damages the body and avoid costly surgery that isn’t needed,” emphasizes Dr. Andy.

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