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Functional Movement designed for you 

What is Functional Movement? 

Functional movements is simply patterns that are required as you move through your daily activities. Over the lifespan, you have been developing movement patterns while learning the basic skills of walking, running and sitting. Sometimes movement patterns are effective and efficient, unfortunately more often, they are not. 

Who can benefit from Functional Movement?

Functional movement is critical for everyone. Regardless of your experience level, it is good to be aware of your movement issues so they can be corrected as quickly as possible. Athletes use functional movement assessments to help improve their performance. This increases their range of motion, motor control and stability. You too will see increases as you begin to work your individual program. 

Why is Functional Movement Important?

Throughout your life, some of your muscles have learned to take 'shortcuts' and compensate for what other muscles should have been doing. Without realizing it, you have begun to move in compromised positions. It is important to make sure your tissues {ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles} aren't just working half-way. 

You are at a higher risk for injury if your body is not moving properly. If movement patterns are not corrected, stress and force are placed on tissues that weren't designed to withstand them. Your tissues may become inactive or under-active, leading to serious problems over time. functional movement will target these areas and teach your muscles to act and react the way they were designed. 

When can you do your Functional Movement?

Functional Movement sessions are offered by appointment during regular business hours. Each session lasts about 30 minutes and can be arranged in coordination with other services you are receiving at GreenLife Wellness. 

How is Functional Movement Assessed?

As you complete the functional movement assessment check-up, you will be asked to perform basic stretches and movements. After this, your Exercise Therapist will create a simple program designed specifically for you to strengthen what is weak and to continue to improve what is strong. 

Functional Movement FAQ

Is it okay to get a chiropractic adjustment before a functional movement session? Yes! The goal of chiropractic adjustments is to enhance the alignment and mobility of the spine. Performing the exercises you would be assigned in a functional movement session will simply keep the spine moving in safe ways for about 30 minutes after your adjustment.


What is the difference between functional movement and physical therapy? While both services are necessary at certain times, physical therapy is typically used to rehabilitate a single component of the body (shoulder, knee, wrist, etc). Functional movement, on the other hand, is designed to look at how the body moves and communicates as a whole. Our goal is to improve general function by working on strengthening and stretching multiple areas at once.


How often should I schedule functional movement sessions? Consistency is key when it comes to increasing mobility and strength. After your initial functional movement assessment, you will receive a frequency recommendation from us, but in general, we like to see you at least once a week to be able to monitor your progress and make sure your body is responding well to your assigned exercises.

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