Reduce Back Pain


Are you tired of your back pain making you feel old and stiff? 


Have you tried everything but your back pain keeps coming back?

Would you like to do the things you love and not have back pain?

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This Special offer includes:

Health History Assessment

  • Including the history of your pain and other injuries to best understand the nature of your pain. 

A Medical Exam

  • Our nurse practitioner assess your current state of health.

Orthopedic Exam

  • We will check your body's structure from head to toe to identify what is not functioning properly. 

  • We will check to see how well your body moves, but more importantly, areas where your body doesn't move well. This will help us snuff out what caused your back pain in the first place and discover potentials for injuries before they happen. 

A Full Report of Findings

  • After your initial consultation, we will meet as a team to discuss your case and find the best plan for eliminating your pain. 

  • We show you how how we can help reduce your pain and keep it from coming back. 

  • You will learn how our team approach is key for eliminating your pain. 

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*We cannot guarantee you will experience the same outcome. Results may vary from patient to patient. Please call us with questions regarding your specific condition