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A Pain Relief Plan For Each Unique Individual

What You Can Expect From Our Wellness Center

Consultation / Examination / Your Care Program
The initial consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss in detail your health-related concerns, issues and lifestyle goals. This initial visit will identify how we can help your specific needs, how often you will need to visit and how much you can expect your program to cost.

Treating the Body
Our first objective is to identify the source of the existing pain to help you feel better. Every situation is unique and every body responds differently, but it is typical to need care 2-3 times per week for the first 4-12 weeks.

Healing the Body
During this health and healing phase, muscles, joints and other soft tissues begin to heal more completely, helping protect the body from injury. Depending on the severity of your needs, patients can expect the health and healing phase to be 4-8 treatments per month for 6-24 months.

Living with a healthy Body
Once your body has fully healed, it will be important to continue periodic adjustments to avoid problems and continue to build towards peak health and performance. Depending upon your lifestyle goals, this is usually accomplished with 1-4 treatments per month.

Greenville SC Chiropractic, Message Therapy, and Nutrition

"I appreciate the time Dr. Wright spent with me during my initial evaluation. He took x-rays to diagnose my situation and then reviewed the results with me. I was fully involved in formulating a treatment plan that worked for both of us. At the first visit, Dr. Wright helped alleviate my lower back pain, and with subsequent visits, it is completely gone! One area that I was unaware of was a problem area in my neck. I had gotten used to a limited range of motion and thought it was “normal” for me. After a few adjustments, I have flexibility that I have not had since I was very young. It is remarkable what a difference Dr. Wright has made in my every day activities! I would highly recommend him to anyone for their chiropractic care."  -E.S.