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Nutrition & Healthy Weight Loss

Looking for a Safe, Healthy Diet and Weight Loss?

How healthy am I? What problems are just beginning? What diseases might I already have? Are my supplements truly working?

Many of our patients arrive with these same questions. That’s why you need a doctor skilled in functional nutrition on your team who will work with you to find the answers.

Whether you’re considering weight loss surgery, enduring another weight loss program or weight loss clinic, needing to change your diet for health reasons or searching for a practical diet to get back on track, we can help. No matter what your situation is, your Dr. Andy will help you lose weight for a healthier mind and body. But there’s a secret…

Every patient is different. That’s why no single diet works for everyone. Our goal is to formulate a diet or weight loss program that works for you, realistically fits your lifestyle, and delivers the results you want. Food sensitivity testing is often an essential part of this. CLICK HERE to discover more about food sensitivities and intolerances.

So How Do I Get Started?

A personal comprehensive evaluation of your unique situation is where we start. Once Dr. Andy establishes a baseline, he’ll be able to track your health and nutritional needs.

This is an innovative look at an individual’s nutritional strengths and weaknesses. This scientific approach offers a clear plan for your optimal health, reveals the more subtle imbalances in your body, and assists in correcting them.

What Can I Expect?

When analyzing test results, many traditional doctors only look at certain numbers to be sure that you fall within a ‘normal’ healthy range. However ‘normal’ is not necessarily great. In fact, it’s not even good. Many people fall within a ‘normal’ range, but still don’t feel good. Our goal is to get each patient to the top of the normal range so they are losing weight, sleeping well, and feeling both energized and happy.

Your individual nutrition report provides personal, drug-free recommendations to promote optimal health based on any imbalances and dysfunction identified from your results. In addition, your personal nutritionist will help determine the diet and lifestyle changes you should make to keep your body balanced and prevent disease.

Nutrition for a healthy life in Greenville SC

"I appreciate the time Dr. Wright spent with me during my initial evaluation. He took x-rays to diagnose my situation and then reviewed the results with me. I was fully involved in formulating a treatment plan that worked for both of us. At the first visit, Dr. Wright helped alleviate my lower back pain, and with subsequent visits, it is completely gone! One area that I was unaware of was a problem area in my neck. I had gotten used to a limited range of motion and thought it was “normal” for me. After a few adjustments, I have flexibility that I have not had since I was very young. It is remarkable what a difference Dr. Wright has made in my every day activities! I would highly recommend him to anyone for their chiropractic care."  -E.S.