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Greenville SC Low Back Pain Relief

Natural Solutions to your Low Back Pain!

If you have low back pain or this sciatic pain, you have a special place in my heart. I know what it’s like to go through it. By the time I was 20, I had unrelenting low back issues that I experienced every day and I couldn’t take it anymore. It had gotten so bad that the pain started radiating down my leg….and that is called sciatica. At its worst, I had burning pain going down the back of my thigh, into the side of my calf, and to the outside of my foot. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. Sciatica commonly occurs when the discs between your low back spinal bones (aka vertebra) are putting pressure on the nearby nerves. When a disc becomes stressed and strained from a misaligned vertebra, it will swell, creating pressure on the nearby major nerves, causing pain and sciatica symptoms. But if you are suffering from this, know that there is hope, and it’s not in drugs or surgery but in conservative methods like chiropractic. Pain medication merely covers up symptoms and allows the spine to heal out of place, leading to a relapse down the road. A chiropractic adjustment to align the spine is the most powerful thing you can do for this issue. We’ve had people visit our office with severe low back pain and/or sciatica and we have watched them improve to the point where they no longer have pain (myself being one of them)!

We’ve seen a lot of people after they’ve (unfortunately) already had spinal surgery for their pain, only to have it return a year or two later. That’s because the underlying cause of the pain wasn’t addressed…the spinal misalignment. These people tend to respond really well to chiropractic still, however, we wish we could have prevented the surgery in the first place. It’s all too common for people nowadays to sit in a chair 6-8 hours per day for work. This is one of the more subtle causes of spinal misalignments. Small extended stresses, like sitting with poor posture, or repetitive movements in sports (think of a golf swing), or improper mechanics while lifting object off the ground are all good examples of this. Just the stress of bending incorrectly is enough to tear a disc in your back. Most of the clients who have come to us with severely injured low backs simply bent down to pet their cat or pick up a pencil when, suddenly without warning, their back gave out. Small, repetitive trauma was the culprit in this case, and the bending over to pet the cat was the straw that broke the camel’s back. When injury like this happens, the spinal bones (vertebra) in the low back misalign. Long term misalignments in the low back lead to spinal decay. So, when the spine is misaligned, it wears out the low back joints faster and deteriorates the discs in your back. Since spinal decay is a silent process, pain may or may not be present as you have misalignments.

 When someone feels a “giving out” of their low back, this is likely the disc that has been torn or injured. To prevent further damage to the spine, the best practice would be to see a skilled chiropractor to check your spine for these misalignments and eliminate them. Even if you have already had spinal surgery, we can still help you. We’ve had many clients come to us after spinal fusions, disc surgeries, or scoliosis surgery, that still have pain and want to avoid going back down the surgery route. These people usually respond very well and they are happy they made the decision to see us. There are a couple more issues to address besides the misalignment. We want to find out how you got the misalignment initially. So after locating and beginning the correction of the problem we will identify issues that led you to your low back pain in the first place and correct them. This is often poor posture and faulty movement patterns. Last, we’ll help strengthen your body to support the corrections we’ve made to ensure the problem doesn’t return.  I myself have been through this process and that’s why it’s my mission to help save people from needless pain medication that damages the body, and avoid costly surgery that isn’t needed. Contact us today and start feeling better now.  And if you or anyone you know is dealing with neck pain, CLICK HERE to see how we have saved hundreds of people suffering from this.

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"I appreciate the time Dr. Wright spent with me during my initial evaluation. He took x-rays to diagnose my situation and then reviewed the results with me. I was fully involved in formulating a treatment plan that worked for both of us. At the first visit, Dr. Wright helped alleviate my lower back pain, and with subsequent visits, it is completely gone! One area that I was unaware of was a problem area in my neck. I had gotten used to a limited range of motion and thought it was “normal” for me. After a few adjustments, I have flexibility that I have not had since I was very young. It is remarkable what a difference Dr. Wright has made in my every day activities! I would highly recommend him to anyone for their chiropractic care."  -E.S.