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Have you experienced the Gonstead difference?

Do you think that all chiropractors are the same? Some believe this to be true, unless they have experienced the difference with a Gonstead chiropractor. The Gonstead System of chiropractic was developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead from the years 1923-1978 in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Dr. Gonstead spent 16 ½ hours per day, 6 ½ days per week during his 55 years of developing this system of chiropractic, seeing hundreds of patients each day. It was all too common for him to work from early morning through the night, stretching into the late night hours until 2:30am, as he wouldn’t sleep until all of his patients were cared for that day. His defining difference was his very specific and thorough analysis, ensuring his adjustment was the correction the patient’s body needed to achieve maximum health. After years of amazing results, Dr. Gonstead became world renowned for his system of chiropractic, and other chiropractors were knocking down his door, begging him to teach his technique so they could obtain the same results for their patients. Dr. Gonstead agreed to make the time to teach his technique to others who were willing to learn. Dr. Gonstead’s technique soon became known as the “Gold Standard” of chiropractic. The Gonstead system of chiropractic was carried on to the next generation of chiropractors and so on to the next generation. Today, Dr. Andy Wright has spent countless hours apprenticing under Gonstead chiropractors to bring the same amazing results to Greenville and the Upstate region. 

What makes the Gonstead system Different?

The Gonstead system uses 5 criteria of analysis to detect and correct spinal subluxations. This thorough analysis is one of the defining differences where a Gonstead chiropractor will go above and beyond to find the cause of your problems.  

After the problem is correctly located, Dr. Andy will deliver a gentle, precise Gonstead adjustment to correct the problem.

One of Greenville SC's best Chiropractors

"I appreciate the time Dr. Wright spent with me during my initial evaluation. He took x-rays to diagnose my situation and then reviewed the results with me. I was fully involved in formulating a treatment plan that worked for both of us. At the first visit, Dr. Wright helped alleviate my lower back pain, and with subsequent visits, it is completely gone! One area that I was unaware of was a problem area in my neck. I had gotten used to a limited range of motion and thought it was “normal” for me. After a few adjustments, I have flexibility that I have not had since I was very young. It is remarkable what a difference Dr. Wright has made in my every day activities! I would highly recommend him to anyone for their chiropractic care."  -E.S.