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Solutions for Your Auto Accident Injury

Natural, Effective care after a Car Accident!

Have you had a recent car accident and not felt the same since? Perhaps it was a low speed car accident and you didn’t think you were hurt at the time, but things slowly got worse and worse.  I had an interesting experience when I was in my first car accident.  I was 13 years old and I was riding in the front seat next to my mother, when a man rolled a stop sign, causing us to plow into the side of his car. We didn’t have much warning to brake, but we were in our local town and only going 20mph. Even at 20mph it jolted us and gave my mother whiplash. Yes, that’s right, at 20mph she got whiplash. She didn’t feel much at the time, but the next day she was slightly sore and achy in her neck and shoulders. She ignored the neck and should tightness as it persisted for several days, but it slowly started to worsen, so she made an appointment with our local chiropractor. Sure enough, even at 20mph there was evidence of whiplash on the x-rays our chiropractor took. She was able to make a quick recovery once she had her spine realigned with a series of adjustments. I can’t imagine what she would be like if hadn’t seen the chiropractor. What’s worse is that when some people are in accidents (even low speed accidents), the resulting damage to their spine won’t produce symptoms for a few days, weeks, or months. It might seem strange that it would take that long for symptoms to show up, but our bodies are resilient and can compensate for a spinal misalignment for a while before eventually breaking down and experiencing symptoms. By that point a person wouldn’t attribute the pain to the accident and may dismiss it as less worrisome. When I was in chiropractic school, we got to watch slow motion videos of people in very low speed accidents (less than 10mph). It was amazing what we saw. There, on the screen in front of us, we saw every single person have whiplash in a crash at less than 10mph! That was absolutely unbelievable to me.

It makes me concerned for people that ignore these low speed accidents as no-big-deal because they didn’t experience symptoms afterward. The slower speed accidents are probably just as bad as the high-speed ones, because most people won’t go to a chiropractor for months or years before seeking treatment since they didn’t have pain or symptoms. Most people won’t deal with an issue until the discomfort or pain gets to the point where they fear living with it more than they fear seeking help for it.  Now, if they waited long enough before going to have their body checked by a chiropractor, they may have some spinal decay…which is permanent damage. However, there is hope because they can still get help from a chiropractor and experience relief from their symptoms and keep body from getting worse. A chiropractor is skilled in deal with cases like this, even if you waited 50 years after an accident before seeking help. We have had clients that are 90+ years old who haven’t previously seen a chiropractor and have gotten a lot of relief from their symptoms. So never think you are too old or the exception, even if you think you have seen everyone or done everything for it. You also might wonder how long it takes to recover or how many visits it would take to get you back to normal after an accident. That is a loaded question because it depends on a lot of factors like, what was your condition before the accident, how badly were you affected from the accident, at what speed were your traveling and from what direction were you hit, what are your health habits, what are your stress levels, and many, many more. Some people have the healing capabilities of the X-Men comic hero Wolverine (which is very fast in case you don’t know that reference), and others take longer than expected. Overall, the sooner you seek help from a chiropractor and the healthier your diet and stress levels are, the quicker you’ll make your recovery. Don’t wait to have your spine and body checked after an accident. If you or anyone you know is experiencing low back pain, CLICK HERE to find out how we have helped hundreds of people with recover from it.

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"I appreciate the time Dr. Wright spent with me during my initial evaluation. He took x-rays to diagnose my situation and then reviewed the results with me. I was fully involved in formulating a treatment plan that worked for both of us. At the first visit, Dr. Wright helped alleviate my lower back pain, and with subsequent visits, it is completely gone! One area that I was unaware of was a problem area in my neck. I had gotten used to a limited range of motion and thought it was “normal” for me. After a few adjustments, I have flexibility that I have not had since I was very young. It is remarkable what a difference Dr. Wright has made in my every day activities! I would highly recommend him to anyone for their chiropractic care."  -E.S.